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Possible Answers That Investors Need from You As per Zorayr Manukyan


You should be ready for the answers an investor would expect if you’re an entrepreneur searching for investment. Although every investor is unique and can have their own unique queries, there are a few common inquiries you might anticipate. By being ready for these answers, you may present yourself in the best light and improve your chances of receiving the investment you require. Learn more about what are the most frequent inquiries from investors and how to answer these as per Zorayr Manukyan.

What Answers Do You Need to Give to Investors? As per Zorayr Manukyan

Who Is The Target Demographic?

As per Zorayr Manukyan, investors care about your target audience since they want to understand the potential clientele and whether there is a market for the good or service. Additionally, they want to see whether you have a clear strategy for contacting your intended audience.

What’s The Environment Of Your Competitors?

Investors care about your market environment because they need to know that you are aware of the market you are joining and who your primary rivals are. In addition, as per Zorayr Manukyan, they are interested in your competitive edge and the reasons you think you can flourish in this industry.

What Issue Are You Addressing?

Investors are interested in your problem-solving strategy due to their desire to make sure there is a demand for your good or service. They want to be sure that your product will be put to good use and that it can genuinely help them with their problem.

How Do You Intend To Monetize?

Investors are interested in your financial plans as they want to know that you have a long-term revenue-generating business strategy. They also desire to know how often you expect to earn and when you anticipate turning a profit.

What Is The Structure Of The Company?

Investors are interested in your organization model to determine how you plan to generate money as well as whether the enterprise is viable. Investors also want to determine if you possess a visible route to success and an effective strategy for engaging the target audience.

When Will Your Business Become Lucrative?

Investors care about how quickly you plan to turn a profit, as they need to understand that you’ve established a proper schedule for when you anticipate bringing in money and turning a profit. They are also interested in knowing whether there are any significant milestones you anticipate reaching before being successful, as per Zorayr Manukyan.

What Are Financial Resources Required to Get Started?

Investors care about your startup costs because they wish to know that you’ve got a solid plan in place for spending the money. Additionally, they really would like to understand whether you have a reasonable estimate of the amount of capital you may require to launch the operation.

Conclusion by Zorayr Manukyan

According to Zorayr Manukyan, it’s crucial to be ready for a variety of inquiries when dealing with investors. They’ll be curious about your business strategy, target market, and revenue generation strategy. A potential investor will inquire about the organization, the assets you’ll require, and the exit plan.