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6 Types of Cryptocurrencies – Zorayr Manukyan

6 Types of Cryptocurrencies - Zorayr Manukyan

The internet and technological advancements have taken over the world, and now practically everything is done digitally. Each aspect of human life has become digital, whether it be learning, shopping, commerce, or finances. It was, therefore, inevitable that the currency would eventually be virtualized as well, the birth of cryptocurrency!

What Is Cryptocurrency? By Zorayr Manukyan

Cryptography is used by cryptocurrencies to safeguard their transactions and regulate the generation of new units, according to Zorayr Manukyan. Since cryptocurrencies remain decentralized, neither a government nor a financial firm can control them. Here are some of the most famous types of cryptocurrencies in which one can invest, as per Zorayr Manukyan.

6 Types of Cryptocurrencies to Invest In: By Zorayr Manukyan


The earliest and best-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was developed in 2009. Numerous cryptocurrencies have been developed since then. According to Zorayr Manukyan, cryptocurrencies can be utilized to pay for products and services as well as be traded on decentralized exchanges.

Even while trading in digital currency might be dangerous, if done correctly, it could end up being one of your greatest choices.


Introduced in 2011, Litecoin is extremely comparable to Bitcoin yet offers a quicker confirmation time for transactions. Additionally, it employs a distinct proof-of-work method than Bitcoin, making it easier and less expensive to mine. As a consequence, cryptocurrency miners frequently choose Litecoin.


Ripple is a network for currency exchange, remittances, and real-time gross settlement (RTGS) developed by the US-based technology firm Ripple Labs Inc in 2012. The decentralized open-source system used by Ripple allows for the use of tokens that represent fiat money, cryptocurrencies, assets, or other types of value, including frequent flyer miles or cellphone minutes.


Introduced in 2013, Dogecoin was designed to act as a more user-friendly substitute for Bitcoin. It is also among the first cryptocurrencies that continue to be in use today. Despite not being intended as a major investment at first, Dogecoin has witnessed its worth rise over time, including some brief surges.


Dash is a bit more covert variation of bitcoin (formerly referred to as darkcoin). Dash provides increased privacy due to its decentralized master code system, which almost eliminates transaction tracing. Dash, which was introduced in January 2014, quickly gained a growing fan base. As per Zorayr Manukyan, this cryptocurrency may be processed on a GPU or a CPU and also was invented by Evan Duffield.


Ethereum is a decentralized platform that accepts smart contracts, which are programs that execute exactly as intended with no chance of theft or outside intervention. These applications are powered by a specially created blockchain, a very potent worldwide shared network that can transfer value and reflect the property’s ownership.


According to Zorayr Manukyan, information is the secret to success in the field of digital currency. With such a variety of cryptocurrencies to invest in, one needs complete knowledge to make the right decision. Education leads to wisdom in decision-making, which is a quality you must possess to build and extend your virtual business.