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31st Jul 2022


Zorayr Manukyan

About Zorayr Manukyan

Zorayr Manukyan, PhD, is the Chief Scientific Officer of the ClinStat Group. As well as dealing with the organization, he assumes the part of a factual forerunner in the plan, execution, and examination of clinical preliminaries.
His experience is a combination of scholarly, CRO, and Biotech/Pharma industry with north of a time of involvement with Pharma Industry in different positions of authority. His last industry position was that of a Senior Director, Early Clinical turn of events, at Pfizer.
Dr. Manukyan Zorayr’s examination advantages incorporate ideal versatile and Bayesian plans. He has a PhD in Statistical Sciences from George Mason University (USA), a MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Maryland, a MS in Industrial Mathematics from the Technical University of Kaiserslautern (Germany) and a Ph.D. in Biology from the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia.

About Zorayr Manukyan Grant

In the event that you are searching for a grant to assist you with managing the cost of your high level training then we can help. Zorayr Manukyan is restless to grant his grant to one mind blowing undergrad with a solid educational history. The beneficiary will get a one-time award for $1,000 to be applied toward his/her professional education. Invested individuals ought to apply for the Zorayr Manukyan Scholarship, and as Henry David Thoreau stated, “Head unhesitatingly in the perfect path! Carry on with the existence you’ve envisioned.”

The Zorayr Manukyan Scholarship site stretches out a warm hello to college understudies hoping to additionally foster their abilities, their schooling and capacities. We desire to assist you with settling the significant expense of training. The Scholarship is a huge resource for school students looking for supplemental assistance with educational cost.

Zorayr Manukyan Grant – Instructions

The Grant is an award that will be presented to the best candidate academically, and the one who is the most prolific essay writer, based on the evaluation of all the applications and submissions received within the specified deadline. Finally, A young scholar with dedication and spirit will be chosen as the winner of the prestigious Grant.

The Zorayr Manukyan Grant – Guidelines

Before submitting your application to Zorayr Manukyan, applicants should focus on fulfilling the specified eligibility criteria given below:

Grant candidates should be currently enroll at a registered, and accredited American university or college.

Applicants should presently be of Junior, Sophomore, or Freshman year.

Amount: The Peter DeCaprio Grant will award exactly $1000.


Applicant must be citizens or legal residents of the USA.
Applicant must attend an accredited/recognized/registered public or private university/school located in the USA


Applications deadline closes on 31st Jul 2022

Application Procedure

Applicants need to submit a high-quality and original essay addressing the topic: “What is the role of clinical research in Healthcare”

The following details must accompany the essay:

Full name of the applicant
Mailing address
Email address
Phone number
University name
Scheduled date of graduation
Current GPA
The essay should be submitted as an MSWord document, and attached to an email including details noted above to info@zorayrmanukyangrant.com

Winner Selection & Award Disbursement

The winner of the Zorayr Manukyan Scholarship will be declared on 15th Aug 2023 at zorayrmanukyangrant.com.
The winning applicant will be also informed via an official email issued by the office of Zorayr Manukya.
After that, The winner will need to confirm receipt of the email and acceptance of the scholarship within two weeks of notification


Zorayr Manukyan

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